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Design of Induction Machines

This course teaches the key principles and practiced concepts of induction machine design engineering--topics not found in books, academic courses or software packages from specifications to sizing to tested prototypes. (more...)
Temtative Dates: Septempber 18-19-20, 2019
Temtative Location: Las Vegas NV USA

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Electric Motor Technology for Non-EngIneers
for Non-Engineers

A practical understanding of concepts in electrical motor technology from expert motor technologists, for non technical staff. This unique and highly rated course provides a strong foundation of the technical principles of electric motor design, construction and operating principles, with focus on what it means, why its there, and what is important. (more...)

Tentative Dates: Oct 9-10-11, 2019
Tentative Location: San Francisco CA USA Area

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Thermal Design of Motors and Generators

FIRST course of its kind! Learn THERMAL DESIGN Principles and Methods for Induction Motors, PM Motors, Reluctance Motors, & DC Motors by applying practical experience, academic theory, material characteristics, manufacturing practices (more...)

Tentative Dates: October 16-17-18, 2019
Tentative Location: Chicago IL area USA

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Motor Manufacturing Methods

A practical understanding of motor manufacturing methods and technology being used today. It will highlight pros vs cons, efficiency vs quality. (more...)

TentativeDates: November 13-14-15. 2019
Tentative Location: Albuquerque NM or Denver CO USA

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Advanced Machine Design

Key motor design issues are addressed in six fast-paced, half-day sessions. Learn to understand the problem, choose solution methods, and interpret analysis and test data. (more...)

Tentative Dates: Dec 11-12-13, 2019
Tentative Location: Tampa/ St.Petersburg FL USA

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